7 Week Program: BALANCE method

Biological Clock

Learn how to keep the right day-night rhythm, so you can all sleep better at night and have more energy during the day.


Learn how to have intimate moments again.

Lovely Home

Learn how to make your house dementia proof. Make sure everything is as much clear and simple as possible for the person with dementia.


Learn how to deal with behavioral changes and know when it is part of dementia or an underlying illness so you have to call for a doctor.

Nutrition Plans

Learn how you can help to provide drinks and food during the progress of dementia.


Learn how to communicate with people with dementia. What to say, and especially what not to say.

Exercising & Music

Learn how to use the positive effects of exercise and music to enhance the quality of life.


This 7-Week Program  will help create fast improvements for better results in caring and realizing a more BALANCED LIFE.


Caregiving is something you have to learn. Dementia needs more attention. And you need more support