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Establishing a Morning Routine

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Learning about dementia makes caregiving easier

Coping with a person with dementia is hard, and you need to know that everything will change.

Dementia is expected to be the number one cause of death in 2040.
Unfortunately, in school, we don’t learn about this disease at all, or about how to lower the chances of getting it.
Nor do we learn what to do or how to be useful when an ageing loved one shows signs of dementia.

You may not even have heard about this disease or know what it is. Yet the chance of people 85 years of age developing dementia is about 1 in 2, so one day sooner or later you are likely to get involved with this disorder.

Carers have different motives for taking care of their loved ones suffering from dementia.
The main reason is to care for them out of love and affection. About half of carers think of this role as their duty.

Coping with all the circumstances involving your loved one suffering from dementia
can be challenging and stressful.
In these trainings and webinars, you get easy-to-implement action steps to make your life and the life of your loved one suffering from dementia a bit happier, healthier and more comfortable.

Wishing you all the best in implementing the action steps provided.