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Caring for Elderly Parents: 4 Tips for Avoiding Caregiver Burnout

Bianca’s mother, Angela, had rheumatoid arthritis for years. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Angela was disabled by the pain, fatigue, and limited mobility that she had feared since her diagnosis.   Bianca convinced her fiercely independent mother that living alone was no longer an option.  And Bianca, the eldest of four children, knew that caring for her sick […]

Healthy Food – Kale

4 Types of Kale Salad If you are looking to use more superfoods during the winter season, then leafy greens like kale is a great choice. Kale grows well in the winter and is easy to find at any grocery store. It is a superfood filled with vitamins and minerals, and is great for many […]

How to Fuel Your Brain With Energy

What is your fitness philosophy? In other words: why do you train and exercise? What is it that you hope to achieve by being physically active? Many of us train because we want to look better. Some of us train because we want to be healthier and stave off disease. Others train because they want […]